Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question that many of our patients ask before having a hair procedure. One of the key elements in hair procedures is the design of the hairline.

Our doctors know how to create a natural looking hairline by following these key rules when designing the hairline:

1) The midline should be a balanced hairline
2) Designing the front and the corners respectively
3) Design with the rule of thirds in accordance with facial proportions
4) The angle and direction of each hair follicle is designed so that we have a natural looking hairline.

Many of our patients, ask if they are a good candidate for an FUE Hair Restoration procedure. In the photos, you will see one of our patients that will have amazing results in a few months!

The results will be amazing and will change his looks and psychology.

Generally speaking, a good candidate for an FUE Hair procedure should:

1) Be at the age of 22-65

2) Be a healthy person

3) Have a good donor area. The donor area is at the back of the head, in this region  the hair follicles are stronger and thicker in most people.

4) Have male pattern baldness as not all hair loss types are the same.

5) Had done a strip hair procedure and wants to have a procedure like FUE, which leaves only very tiny marks  and has a faster and better recovery.

This is a question that some of our patients ask. It's natural to have this doubt, if a hair transplant will be beneficial to your case and your hair loss.

Every person is different and every type of hair loss is different and a tailored made treatment plan needs to be put together based on each individual case.

In most cases, hair loss can be treated and gives amazing results in a few months!

In the photos, you can see one of our thousands of satisfied customers that had a hair procedure with us.

We can help and consult you on how to treat your hair loss! Our medical team and our hair loss experts will answer all your questions.

This is a very fair question that many of our patients ask.

For the first 7-10 days following the procedure, the marks do show on the skin through the healing period.

Once the skin has healed fully then no, it won't be obvious to people that you had a procedure.  During the first few days of healing, it's absolutely fine to wear a baseball cap or loose fitting clean hat of your choice.

At Ailesbury Hair Clinic we've developed the AHI FUE technique and the advantages of our technique are :

1) Minimal scarring (a tiny spot like mark is left in the donor site, which is very hard to see due to the size of our tools used)

2) Natural looking results
3) Minimal discomfort
4) Faster recovery
5) Faster procedure time

After having a hair procedure with us, your hair will grow through over the next few months and will help bring back confidence in yourself, each time you look in the mirror!

No it doesn't!  We did hear of an overseas clinic doing this under general anaesthesia but have no idea why, as it's absolutely not necessary.

At Ailesbury Hair Clinics, you're awake throughout the whole procedure.

We use local anesthetic to number both the extraction and placement zones.

When patients have an Ailesbury FUE hair procedure, they can sit back and relax watching TV, films or even use their laptop while the procedure is done.

Our medical team makes the procedure seamless with virtually no pain and no risks.

It's possible to feel mild pain during the procedure but in general 98% of our clients mention in their written post procedure testimonials, that they felt close to no discomfort at all.  As for swelling of the forehead etc following the procedure, there is a possibility of temporary swelling but this is also quite rare.  A side effect of the local anaesthetic can be swelling of the forehead for some days.  In general we do manage to avoid this though, by prescribing Cortizone post procedure for 2-3 days.

We recommend not placing more than 4000-4500 hairs in one procedure.  It can be done but with our many years in this field and having studied post procedure growth rates carefully, we recommend not to place more than this number per procedure.

Possible negative side effects if placing more than 4000-4500 hairs in a procedure:

The procedure can go on for too long and be too tiring for the client.

The longer the hairs are outside of the body between extraction and placement, studies clearly show a lower overall growth yield percentage.

The objective and aim in every procedure is to place hairs that will grow and not die off due to procedural issues.  Therefore, we keep within 4000-4500 hairs per procedure.

Are you affected by hair loss and you need a consultation about having a hair procedure?

Our medical team and hair loss experts are here to help you!

We recommend you leave it 2-3 days before flying off, if at all possible.  It's best to allow 2-3 days post procedure healing and avoid facing skin infections from flying.

Being away on holiday is absolutely fine following a procedure but we recommend not putting your head under water in a pool for some weeks and while out in the sun it's very important that you don't burn your skin, you must wear a loose fitting clean hat.

I'm a Norwood Grade 6 (full 3 zones baldness) and have been told I can finish a hair restoration procedure in 1 day by overseas clinics I've been speaking with, is this correct?

At a Norwood Grade 6, you'd need approximately 12,000-14,000 hairs to cover all zones well.  It's physically impossible and even medically dangerous to think about placing 12,000-14,000 hairs in one day.

So the answer is NO, this is a sales tactic - so please be careful and research the subject fully before moving forward.

We prefer you wait to put your head under water in a pool for 4 weeks.  Obviously, the main reason being not to damage the newly placed follicles with chlorine or unwanted bacteria!

But if you're off to the sea, it's fine to swim after 2 weeks!

Yes women can undergo Ailesbury FUE, it would usually be females suffering with Female Pattern Baldness or a high hairline, which needs to be lowered.  Diffuse hair loss, Alopecia Areata and Hormonal related hair loss is best dealt with by our Non-Surgical Trichology specialists.

Having been in the field of hair restoration for over 20 years, we can confirm that there are very few complications faced in hair restoration procedures, due to the fact that an appropriate candidate would be a fit and healthy person with a good dense donor site. 

As long as our hair washing instructions are followed well, it is most unlikely for any post procedure skin issues.

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