Mercury amalgam fillings and hair loss? Is it a thing?

One of the most used materials for dental fillings is mercury amalgam.  Amalgam consists of a mixture of metals such as mercury, silver, tin and copper. There is possibly a link between mercury dental fillings and hair loss.

But why exactly are the experts worried about the use of mercury fillings?

Mercury is one of the most toxic metals for the human body and can cause poisoning. The symptoms of having poisoning from mercury are:

hair loss, increased heart rate, sensitivity to light memory problems, anxiety, headache, depression, burning sensation, sweating, skin discoloration (pink fingers, pink cheeks), rash, increased saliva production, lack of coordination, high pressure, insomnia, muscular weakness

But why are dentists still using mercury amalgam fillings?

Mainly because it is an inexpensive and long-lasting material.

Do you have to replace the seals made from mercury alloy?

If your fillings are in good condition and there is no decay beneath the filling, the FDA does not recommend that you have your amalgam fillings removed or replaced.

Most dentists believe you shouldn’t replace them, because there is a risk of releasing mercury during the process.

Although, if tests reveal that your body has high levels of mercury, it is advisable to remove your dental mercury amalgam fillings safely.

It is best when you are going to make a dental filling to ask your dentist to use a mercury alloy-free filling.

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