Early stages of male pattern baldness

It’s normal to lose up to about 100 strands of hair from your scalp daily, losing more than that can be a sign of hair loss.

If you are in your twenties and notice your hair thinning or losing a serious amount of hair you’re probably seeing the early stages of male or female pattern hair loss.

In most cases, premature hair loss begins with moderate thinning and a general decrease in hair density. Regular hair density is between 120-160 hairs per CM2 and the most
obvious signs of hair loss are apparent when this number starts to decrease significantly.You’ll see a good amount of hair left on your brush, as well as seeing more skin than usual throughout. If we can catch your hair loss early, it’s often more easily treatable and reversible.

But is there really a treatment?

Luckily yes there is! At Ailesbury Hair Clinics our medical staff offers a variety of treatments depending on the stage of your condition. After a detailed examination and consultation, we will propose a tailor made treatment plan. Some of our treatments are :

Vitamin therapy, Non Surgical Trichological Therapies, Laser Hair Re-Growth Therapies and Ailesbury FUE Hair Restoration.

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